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Luke Cincotta
Music Producer in Melbourne

Are you looking for a music producer in Melbourne? I’m Luke Cincotta, a music producer and audio engineer with over ten years of experience in the Melbourne music industry.

To view my credits, click here. Or click here to listen to some of my featured work.

What is a Music Producer?

The role of a music producer might differ from project to project. But in a general sense, a music producer is like a project manager—a skilled professional who oversees the entire music production process.

A music producer might wear multiple hats during a project. If required, they’ll give creative input into the music they’re producing, making suggestions around arrangement, structure, and general aesthetics. A music producer will also be responsible for working with technical equipment such as microphones, mixing consoles, and industry software.

Luke is sitting behind a mixing console, facing the camera. He is wearing black jeans and a dark flannel shirt. His hair is short with a fade on the sides. The background is dark with a purple hue and blurred to focus on Luke.

I offer a full range of music production services for bands and solo artists in Melbourne.



Handling the music production process from start to finish.



Recording your track, EP, or album.

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Mixing multitrack recordings to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Music Recording _edited.jpg


Capturing and mixing audio using specialist equipment.



Applying finishing touches to a mix, and optimising it for release.



Mixing and mastering audio for Dolby Atmos.


Why Do You Need a Music Producer?

With the right equipment, it might be possible to record and produce your own music. But unless you have specialist skills, it’s unlikely your music will reach its full potential without the help of a music producer.

If you’re recording your music for commercial release, your tracks will need to adhere to certain quality standards and industry formatting. These standards change over time, and it’s a music producer’s job to stay up to date with these standards and execute them accurately. Plus, the production quality of your music will reflect on you as a band or artist. Would you rather be known for your high-quality, great-sounding tracks? Or tracks that are less than perfect? Often, you only have one chance to make a great impression on your audience, and a skilled music producer can give you the best shot at making your music memorable (in a good way).

Get in Touch

For every music production project I work on, I take the time to get to know you, your goals, your genre, and your music, using my perspective as a professional (but also as a fresh set of ears), to elevate your music to its fullest potential.

So, if you have a band or solo project that needs the expertise of a
music producer in Melbourne, I can help. I’m now taking new enquiries for small-scale and large-scale music production projects. Click here to get in touch today.

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